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The Left Brain Artist

Suzanne Redmond talks with artists about their artwork, techniques, and how they’ve created a successful business. With her background in accounting, finance, and exhibiting art, she knows what it takes to get your artwork seen and sold. She’s chosen artists who are working their business – exhibiting their art, teaching others, and finding unusual opportunities. You’ll hear from some unsung artists, who are extremely talented and creative, and hopefully you’ll look up their work and be inspired by what they do. Artists really do the coolest things, and they do this while running a family, traveling, and living an art-filled life. Enjoy listening to these successful artists who are happy to share the keys to their success with you.  

Aug 29, 2018

Trina Slade-Burks and her husband Anthony have created a business that develops a few pop-up gallery shows per year, providing exhibit and sale opportunities for hundreds of artists. They also teach classes to students and adults and provide mentorship for artists who would like to develop their business. In this interview, Trina is generous with her advice and encouragement toward artists.